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The EIGHT at Warbler Woods is underway!

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The LEGACY of Upper Richmond Village is now SOLD OUT

Our Latest Graystone Detached Condominium Community in North London

Floor plans and exterior images for The Legacy At Upper Richmond Village are spectacular - see all four exciting designs in our [ CONDOMINIUMS ] section.

Living Can Be Luxurious

When planning and building your new home, you want it to be EXACTLY what you envision.

That's where a luxury Home Builder like Graystone Homes comes in.

Whether it is a fully-custom single family home or a one-floor detached home in a prestigeous condominium project, we invite our clients to dream big and we will do our utmost to make that dream come to fruition.  We are proud to be the type of builder who helps our clients think outside the box.

Your Graystone Home will be your personal pride and joy as it will reflect your style and sense of comfort, and will be your unique home for a generation to come.

Only Luxury Built Homes

We build unique homes and condominium projects that stand apart from the rest.

Attention To Detail

We collaborate with you evey step of the way to ensure each component of your home is an expression of your style.

Expert Craftsmanship

Our attention to detail provides quality craftsmanship using superior skilled trades that take pride in their work.

Innovative Designs

Blending modern building techniques with traditional aesthetics.

Quality Materials

You can see and feel the difference quality materials make in every aspect of your home.

Experience Matters!

Along with a dynamic team of professionals to design and build your home, Derek Anderson brings over 25 years of building experience to your Custom Home or Condominium.

.: What Clients Say :.

We had some very specific needs and Graystone was able to bring them to life for us.  We love our home!

What an amazing job, it certainly showcased the range of what a custom build entails.

Building a new condominium home can be overwhelming but Derek and his team made the process seamless and enjoyable.  Thank you!

Attention to detail in every shape and form, that is what a Graystone condominium home is all about.